Protect Your Pearly Whites With Mouthguards in Seattle

Your teeth could be in danger. Do you grind your teeth when sleeping? Many of our patients aren’t aware they do until we show them signs of dental damage from grinding. Do you or your children participate in a high-impact sport such as basketball, football, or soccer? If so, a mouth injury could knock out one or more teeth. Dr. Koo can help you protect your smile with mouthguards in Seattle.

A custom mouthguard made just for you:

  • Prevents teeth grinding and further damage while sleeping
  • Protects your teeth against injury when playing sports or exercising
  • Provides a comfortable, secure fit you can’t get from store-bought mouthguards
  • Is made of sturdy, long-lasting material to prevent tearing
  • Allows you to enjoy peace of mind that you’re helping prevent dental emergencies

Take steps now to protect your teeth! Call our expert staff at 206-922-4573 today. Our Seattle office is located on California Avenue Southwest, just a few blocks from Fairmount Park.

Prevent Dental Damage & Avoid Tooth Repair Costs

Our friendly office is your go-to source for protecting your teeth against damage and premature wear and tear. To create your custom mouthguard, we’ll first make a mold of your teeth, then we’ll have the appliance made to your exact specifications. We offer two different types of special mouthguards to ensure your teeth stay in great shape and that you can smile with confidence:

  • Athletic Mouthguard – This type of appliance fits securely against your teeth and helps prevent mouth injuries caused by contact with other athletes and flying objects such as balls and pucks. Baseball, volleyball, and even cheerleading are all sports that put teeth at risk.
  • Occlusal Mouthguard – Sometimes this device is referred to as a night guard because it is usually worn when sleeping. It fits comfortably and snugly in your mouth and prevents damage and wear on your teeth by keeping you from grinding them together. It also makes you less likely to suffer from related symptoms such as headaches.

Save your teeth today! Call our team at 206-922-4573 to get your custom mouthguards in Seattle, or schedule online. Your smile could depend on it!