Eat Anything Again With Neobiotech Dental Implants in Seattle

It’s time you took action toward restoring your missing and failing teeth. There’s no better way to do that than with Neobiotech dental implants in Seattle. These innovative teeth implants, which are placed with Neo NaviGuide, offer you:

  • Treatment planning through advanced 3-D CT scanning
  • A safe, computer-guided implant procedure for the most precise placement
  • Quicker and less invasive placement than with a traditional implant procedure
  • A faster, more comfortable recovery so you can get on with your life
  • A stable base for replacement teeth that will give you back a beautiful smile and strong bite

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Make Lasting First Impressions With a Full Smile

Dr. Koo and his team of dental experts love using the power of Neobiotech dental implants to give our patients new teeth and new hope. Dr. Koo inserts these teeth implants into your jaw, where they will bond with your bone. They then serve as a sturdy base for several types of replacement teeth, including crowns, bridges, and dentures.

We’re excited to offer Neobiotech implants to our patients. These technologically advanced implants allow for an easier, safer, and quicker procedure than you would get with traditional implants. Your computer-guided procedure is planned down to the smallest detail using a CBCT scanner, ensuring precise placement and greater comfort for you.

Neobiotech’s optimally designed implant is strong and durable and integrates with your bone more quickly. Because of this, you will:

  • Experience less invasive and more comfortable implant placement
  • Heal more quickly so you can get your replacement teeth that much sooner
  • Benefit from a strong foundation that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods again and show off your new smile everywhere you go

Get back your smile and your bite using Neobiotech dental implants in Seattle. Call Jahyun Koo DDS today at 206-922-4573 to schedule your free, no-hassle implants consultation. You can also schedule online.