One of the best health achievements of the 20th century was adding fluoride to drinking water and toothpaste. Yet some people are convinced that fluoride is not just unnecessary but harmful. The simple truth is this: Fluoride is not only safe, it is good for your family! That’s why your family can get fluoride treatments from our Seattle, WA dental office. Call today at 206-922-4573 to help your family’s smiles stay strong and healthy.

Using Fluoride For Healthy Teeth

Why do people need fluoride treatments and fluoride varnishes? Because scientists have studied fluoride for decades and found it helps your family’s smiles.

Fluoride makes teeth stronger. The mineral enters the enamel and strengthens it. Not only does this help fight cavities, it actually repairs microscopic damage you cannot see. While it won’t reverse the damage from cavities left untreated for a long time, it does help prevent tooth decay from starting to ruin your family’s teeth.

This mineral is typically used for children because insurance plans often stop covering fluoride by age 14. However, some adults can benefit from fluoride as well, and it is typically affordable. That’s why your entire family should make an appointment with Dr. Koo and determine what treatments are needed to keep their smiles healthy. And by getting flouride now, you can save money by avoiding fillings and other restorative dental treatments.

Fluoride Is Proven Safe

There are some people online who claim fluoride is bad for you. Sadly, fake news like this can be found all too easily, but here are the facts.

  • Fluoride is completely natural. This is a mineral, not a chemical or medication. You find fluoride in nature, making it a natural mineral and not something made up in a lab. Calcium is another natural mineral, and that’s helpful to your family as well.
  • Fluoride is found naturally in water. Because fluoride is a mineral, it’s found naturally in groundwater all over the world. Why is fluoride added to your community’s drinking water? For the same reason iodine is added to salt or vitamin D is added to milk. It helps make your family healthier.
  • Too much of anything can be harmful. In extremely large doses, this mineral can be harmful. But that is true of almost anything, even oxygen and food! The doses found in toothpaste, water, and fluoride applications from our Seattle, WA dental office are completely safe.

Scientists and doctors have been studying fluoride for more than 70 years, and the results show it is perfectly safe. That’s why over 100 health organizations recommend fluoride, including the CDC, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. These results also show that children who get regular fluoride applications are much less likely to get cavities later on.

Make Your Family Dental Appointment Today

Fluoride is not only safe; it helps strengthen and protect your family’s teeth. Call Dr. Koo today at 206-922-4573 or use our convenient online form and schedule your family’s next appointment so their smiles can stay healthy and strong.