Our city is beautiful all year round, but this time of year brings a special beauty to the area. As we come closer to the year’s end (it’s flown by, hasn’t it!), we can appreciate the changing colors nature gifts to us for fall. One changing color in nature you may not appreciate, though, is your darkening teeth. Yellow or dull teeth can show your age whether the cause is nature or your daily cup of coffee. Our professional whitening in Seattle can turn back the clock on your smile and erase years of staining.

If you’re looking for a whiter and better smile – and even a quick way to get a more youthful appearance – visit Jahyun Koo DDS soon for a cosmetic consultation. In the meantime, take a couple of minutes to see why our professional whitening treatment is so effective.

Teeth Whitening From The Dentist Erases Years From Your Smile

Dr. Koo offers one of the best whitening treatments on the market: Opalescence Go. Aside from convenience and affordability, there are many benefits to this type of whitening over both store-bought whitening and in-office whitening. Here are a few:

  • Effective – Thanks to the active ingredients in our whitening, you can get a smile with whiter results than a box from the grocery store provides. You can also get results that match what you would by professionally whitening at the dentist office. The key is the higher concentration of carbamide peroxide, which cuts through deep stains to brighten teeth.
  • Easy – Many patients don’t want to get whitening inside the office because they have to visit once to take (often uncomfortable) impressions of their teeth to create their whitening trays and then come back to pick up the trays and gel. With our whitening, no impressions are required. That’s because the Opalescence trays are specifically designed to adapt to any mouth without getting gel on teeth, in a similar way to custom trays. What’s even easier is that the trays come prefilled with gel. You just pop them on to wear during the day or night based on your goals and Dr. Koo’s recommendations.
  • Comfortable – Our trays are built to fit in your mouth comfortably, but that’s not the only aspect of comfort patients like about Opalescence Go. Because you can choose your concentration of the active ingredient, even people with sensitive teeth and gums can get whiter teeth without pain or discomfort. That’s a big plus over whitening in the dental chair, which can cause a lot of sensitivity due to the high-strength gel applied all at once. The specially designed trays are more comfortable than OTC whitening kits too.
  • Safe – When you whiten with a proven system like Opalescence under a cosmetic dentist’s care, you can have a safer experience than you would trusting the whole process to a store kit. With the comfortable trays that keep gel from leaking out, your chances of gum sensitivity are minimized. And Opalescence even adds extra ingredients that counteract tooth sensitivity. We don’t think you should feel any pain improving your appearance.
  • Professional Help – Our team is here to help whenever you have questions about your whitening treatment. Although we’ll discuss how often you’ll wear the trays and how to apply them for the best results, you can count on our professional advice if you need to call us for help.

Find Out If You’re A Candidate For Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’ve tried whitening before and either didn’t get the results you expected or experienced more discomfort than you’d hoped for, you may be surprised to find that you’re a candidate for our professional whitening.

Even though most people are candidates, there are a few exceptions. Some people also want to whiten and hide flaws. In these cases, we may recommend dental veneers instead. However, whitening before veneers can allow us to match your veneers to your brighter teeth, so you’ll have a white smile for a decade – if not two or longer!

Just because nature has dulled your teeth over time doesn’t mean you have to accept your darkened smile. It’s time to erase those stains with our professional whitening in Seattle! Call 206-922-4573 today to set up your appointment. If you’ve never been to our office before, don’t forget to ask about our new patient special, which includes not only your exam, cleaning, and X-rays but also an Opalescence teeth whitening kit! Many patients see their brightest smile when they whiten after their dental cleaning.