By now, your kids have probably settled back into the school routine. That doesn’t mean it’s any easier to manage all their homework, afterschool activities, and everything else. Let us help you out a bit. If you’re looking for some new healthy lunches and snacks for your children or just want to help promote healthier habits, here are some great ideas! These foods are not only healthy for your kiddos’ bodies, they’re also healthy for their teeth! Many contain minerals that strengthen teeth or are simply lower-sugar options than candy and “fruit” snacks. They are simple and affordable too.

If you read our blog post about healthy eating a few months ago, the infographic below expands on that. So check it out, then call our Seattle dentist office at 206-922-4573 to schedule visits for your kids. Dr. Jahyun Koo and our team can provide more tooth-friendly nutritional tips at their checkups.