The summer is almost over, which means that school sports will be heating up before you know it. Have you talked to a trusted dentist about your kids’ activities? This is an important step since any activity that involves a flying ball/puck/other object, along with running, jumping, or contact of any variety, has the potential to inflict dental damage. We can assure you that a sports-related dental emergency won’t be much fun!

Right now is the perfect time to prepare for the season and protect your young athlete’s teeth and gums from future trouble by securing one of our custom-built athletic mouthguards. These devices will also help your kids breathe better and speak more clearly than those boil and bite mouthguards that always deliver lackluster support.

The related video clip below comes from the ADA. When you are finished watching, Call Jahyun Koo DDS today at 206-922-4573 to request your next preventive dentistry visit in Seattle, WA. We can easily accommodate patients who speak English, Korean, or Vietnamese!