If you’re a patient of ours here at the office of Jahyun Koo, DDS, we may have recommended wisdom teeth removal in Seattle. Typically, people 17 and older have had their wisdom teeth come in. The sooner these teeth come out, the better, as waiting can increase your chance of complications, pain, tooth decay, and even recovery time. If you never had your wisdom teeth taken out when you were younger, you may still benefit from the procedure.

Of course, not everyone needs these teeth removed. Dr. Koo has the experience and technology to know if the procedure is good for you. Call 206-922-4573 today to set up an appointment, whether you’re a patient of ours or new to our office. If you’re scheduling for a student or recent graduate, summer is one of the best times possible for this since they won’t have to miss class for the appointment or recovery.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read more about this oral surgery procedure below and why it can be stress-free at our office.

Know What to Expect at Your Consultation

If you’ve been a patient of ours, we keep an eye out for wisdom teeth development starting at a young age. When your child is old enough, we may recommend wisdom teeth removal. This is often between ages 17 and 23. Sometimes, wisdom teeth never emerge. These are called impacted wisdom teeth, and we usually recommend that they come out because they are more likely to lead to pain and tooth decay.

Regardless of your relationship to our office, we will use digital X-rays to determine whether you need an extraction and to plan your procedure. We can use the clear images to see any anatomical abnormalities or other things to watch for ahead of time.

During your consultation, you are free to ask any questions you want. This includes questions about how much wisdom teeth extraction costs. We’ll discuss your situation and any payment options available to you, including insurance and CareCredit financing. You may be surprised at how affordable the cost is. We will also discuss sedation if you would like to remain completely pain-free during your procedure.

Know What to Expect During Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you come in for your wisdom teeth removal appointment, we’ll get you comfortable first. We’ll administer local anesthesia to keep your mouth pain-free. We’ll also administer laughing gas, or inhaled sedation, if you requested sedation at your consultation. This takes effect very quickly, so you’ll have a euphoric, even giddy feeling fast. You will not feel pain at all. This will keep you relaxed during the entire treatment. We can even give you more if needed.

Dr. Koo will carefully extract your wisdom teeth using the images he took as a guide. He will then cover the sites with gauze when he’s finished. If you have laughing gas, you’ll be back to normal within minutes and can even drive yourself home. Many patients choose to relax in the passenger’s seat, however, and have a trusted family member or friend drive them home instead.

Know What to Expect After Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you arrive home, you will need to rest. In fact, you should take it easy for a few days. We’ll talk about your diet after tooth extraction, which should be liquids and soft foods for at least 48 hours. This includes soups and broths, yogurt, smoothies (with no chunks). Make sure you have these foods on hand already. You’ll want to stay away from hot foods and spicy foods, as they can cause pain. Straws are off limits for several days as well.

You will also need to wait 24 hours to brush your teeth. When you do, avoid spitting, as this can disrupt the healing extraction site, and you’ll need to avoid the areas too.

We’ll likely give you a prescription for pain medication to take afterward to keep you as comfortable as possible. Take it as directed. We’ll also tell you how often to switch to clean gauze during the healing process.

If you use tobacco, take a break while your extraction sites heal. This will help speed recovery and reduce risk of infection. In fact, this could be a great excuse to quit for good.

If you have any other questions about recovery, feel free to call us. We won’t feel bothered! We want your experience, including your recovery, to be as safe and painless as possible. That means you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible too.

Choose a Trusted Dentist for Your Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Seattle

Wisdom teeth removal doesn’t have to be a complicated or painful experience. Join the many other patients who have improved their oral health pain-free at our office. Call 206-922-4573 today to set up your consultation. You can also contact us online. Remember, we have appointments as early as 7:30 and on select Saturdays for your convenience.