As flowers bloom and temperatures rise, so do the chances of experiencing a dental emergency during springtime. From outdoor activities to indulging in seasonal treats, the potential for accidents increases, but your stress about where to find help doesn’t have to!

Your Seattle, WA dentist treats urgent dental problems all the time, from sudden toothaches to chipped or broken teeth from outdoor sports to dislodged dental fillings. 

We’re equipped to handle these situations swiftly and effectively, providing immediate relief for your pain, repairing damaged teeth with fillings or crowns, and offering guidance on how you can prevent emergencies in the future. 

Don’t let an unexpected dental issue ruin your springtime fun – trust our team to keep your smile shining bright all season long!

Call Jahyun Koo DDS today at 206-922-4573 for an appointment in Seattle, WA. You can also schedule online

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