October is the month of fright and fear – all in good fun, of course. What’s not fun, though, is the fear that comes from having crooked teeth. Unfortunately, too many people are afraid of being embarrassed every time they smile, eat, laugh, or talk. At Jahyun Koo DDS, we believe everyone should feel proud to smile. It’s why we offer Invisalign in Seattle for straightening teeth.

What’s great about Invisalign is that it corrects your crooked teeth without making you self-conscious during your orthodontic treatment. You aren’t creating another source of embarrassment by wearing metal braces. You’ll even notice your progress over time because braces won’t be covering your teeth as they get straighter and straighter.

In honor of Halloween and National Orthodontic Health Month, we’ve created a fun quiz that will help you know if you’re a candidate for Invisalign aligners. Take it, then bring us your results. We’ll confirm in person whether Invisalign is right for you – and share all the other benefits of this clear orthodontic treatment.

To banish your smile fears and get your new smile with Invisalign in Seattle, call us at 206-922-4573 for a free consultation or schedule one online.