Here at Jahyun Koo DDS, we are serious about providing alternative orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages and backgrounds. This is important to us because we know precisely what such a transformation can do for a person’s oral health, physical appearance, and internal confidence. The option we have in mind for you is called Invisalign. This program actually uses clear aligners rather than metal brackets and wires to straighten out the situation in your mouth. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits of Invisalign. Then give us a call at 206-922-4573 to take the first step toward a new smile by requesting an appointment at our Seattle-area dentist’s office.

1. No Metal Braces

Sure, classic metal braces have had their time and place. For some folks, old-school braces are still the best bet. Still, not all patients need to deal with that process because not all patients require that much work on their smile. That’s why Invisalign makes sense for so many folks. This system uses clear aligners instead of metal brackets and wires (that would need to be adjusted every month). The clear aligners can be popped out for meals and more. Additionally, your friends and co-workers will never know what you’re up to because the aligners are practically invisible!

2. Cleaning Is A Breeze

You may not realize it, but with braces, you’re attached to the hardware for 2-3 years without a break. The brackets and wires require special tools and are quite difficult to clean around, especially when it comes to flossing your teeth. That’s not an issue with Invisalign. You can simply take the aligners off whenever you want to clean your teeth. You’ll execute your daily hygiene routine the same way you always have. This also means that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about it getting trapped in your metallic gear. No dietary restrictions with clear aligners!

3. The Transformation Happens Fast

Braces can take years to deliver the smile transformation that is appropriate for you. Again, that is often because braces can be the best method to help a patient overcome some of the most severe orthodontic problems. But, like we said, not everyone needs such extensive orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a great option for anyone with mildly crooked or crowded teeth and/or bite issues. The treatment typically takes about 12 to 18 months to wrap up, but it’s also common for many patients to finish their treatment in less than that timeframe. The duration of the treatment depends on the extent of your orthodontic problems and how well you stick with the treatment plan we’ve laid out for you in advance. With the help of modern technology, we’ll know every step that needs to happen before we ever get started. Isn’t it about time you made your move?

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As you can see, there is a lot to love about clear aligners. Schedule your consultation to find out how cosmetic dentistry services in Seattle can give you the smile you’ve been waiting for! Call our office today at 206-922-4573 or use our convenient online form.