At Jahyun Koo DDS, we serve families with all their dental needs, from cosmetic dentistry to implants to exams. This time of year, we enjoy helping kids keep confident, healthy smiles with their back-to-school dental checkups. Help your children thrive with cleanings and exams. We’ll:

  • Thoroughly clean and polish their teeth
  • Provide sealants or fluoride treatments for extra decay prevention
  • Examine their teeth and gums for signs of any issues that we can address quickly, saving time, pain, and expense down the road
  • Offer convenient payment options, including our in-house savings program
  • Fit your athletic children for custom sports mouthguards
  • Schedule Saturday appointments or a 7:30 a.m. appointment on Tuesday if necessary

Your family’s convenience, health, and comfort are our top concerns. To schedule back-to-school dental checkups, call 206-922-4573 today or schedule online. You’ll find us near Fairmount Park.

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