This month, we’ve decided to make Thanksgiving the overarching theme for our blogs. As we approach this time of year, we hear many worried patients talk about not being able to enjoy the food they want from the holiday meal due to missing teeth or bad dentures. Our Seattle, WA dentist office has helped these kinds of patients time and time again by providing high-quality teeth replacements.

If you’d like to be grateful for a well-functioning smile, we’re here to help. Call 206-922-4573 to set up an appointment and talk to Dr. Koo about your needs and goals. Until then, we’ll share a few tooth replacement options that can get you enjoying every meal, whether a Thanksgiving feast or an everyday dinner at home with your family.

Dental Bridges Replace One Tooth Or A Few Teeth

Bridges are both a time-tested and versatile restoration. They can replace just one tooth or several teeth in a row. We make them by joining solid replacement teeth (for whatever number of teeth you are missing) to dental crowns. The crowns are bonded to your natural teeth surrounding the gap. This provides you with a long-lasting solution.

Here are a few things you should know about dental bridges:

  • They look like your natural teeth.
  • They allow you to eat just about anything you want again (hello again, Thanksgiving turkey!).
  • They restore the appearance of your teeth.
  • They help make your face look fuller and more balanced, especially if you’re missing a few teeth in the “smile zone.”
  • They do not prevent bone loss, which is common after losing teeth.
  • They last at least a decade in most cases, and maybe more with good care.
  • They will eventually need to be replaced, especially if the teeth supporting them get decayed or damaged.
  • They require us to remove part of your healthy teeth to support the crowns, but they do not require any surgery.

Dentures Replace Several Or All Of Your Teeth

We make beautiful, lifelike dentures, so much so that our patients have been complimented on their new and improved smiles. Our modern dentures can replace some teeth (partials) or all of your teeth (conventional full dentures). Either way, we take meticulous care in creating them to ensure a great fit and attractive result you can be proud of.

Here are a few things you should know about dentures:

  • Our state-of-the-art dentures look like real teeth.
  • They allow you to eat many foods you couldn’t eat with missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures.
  • They restore the appearance of your smile.
  • They help make your face look fuller and more balanced, especially if you’re missing many or all of your teeth.
  • They do not prevent bone loss.
  • They last a few years in most cases but will need to be periodically adjusted.
  • They may require adhesives to stay put.
  • Upper dentures may cover the roof of your mouth and possibly affect how you taste food.
  • Full denture may require tooth extractions of remaining teeth.
  • There is a possibility they can move around, though a good pair can prevent that.
  • Dentures can take a few weeks to get used to, so you will need to practice eating and speaking. We will let you know what to expect, and you can always call to ask.

Dental Implants Replace Any Number Of Teeth

If you want to get the most from your new teeth, consider dental implants. Your family’s entire array of foods at future gatherings will never be out of reach. This ability to eat with freedom is possible because implants are placed in your jawbone and become a part of it. When anchored by bone, implants are a strong support for your replacement teeth.

Here are a few things you should know about teeth implants:

  • They look the most like your natural teeth because the implants are hidden and the replacement teeth on top are firmly secured.
  • They allow you to eat what you want again, from proteins to nuts to apples.
  • They restore the appearance of your smile.
  • They make your face look fuller and more balanced.
  • Unlike traditional bridges and dentures, they prevent bone loss and restore that structure to your face.
  • They can last a lifetime without ever being replaced.
  • They will not fall out when you eat, sing, or laugh.
  • They require minor oral surgery.
  • They can be more expensive than conventional teeth replacement options.
  • They generally require healthy jawbone for placement.

Get What You Want Out Of Your Replacement Teeth

There are many more things to know about all these teeth replacements. No matter what you decide, we will help give you the outcome you want. If that’s eating anything at next year’s Thanksgiving table without wondering whether you’ll have discomfort afterward, we can make that happen for you. Call 206-922-4573 and speak with Dr. Koo at a private consultation, or use our online form.