Congratulations! You have a child who graduating this spring, and it’s so exciting! College graduation is a big deal for everyone involved, especially for your graduate. It’s time for him or her to go out into the world, get a job, and create a future!

So as you think about the perfect gift for your graduate, consider giving them the perfect smile with Invisalign in Seattle, WA.

You can skip the leather suitcase, interview suit, or downpayment on an apartment. While all of those gifts are amazing, they don’t hold a candle to a beautiful smile. You see, each of those things is fleeting. That suitcase will wear out, the suit will sit in a dusty closet, and the apartment will soon be left behind. Your graduate’s smile, however, is the key to their future. Invest in it.

Why Invisalign?

Your graduate is about to enter a cut-throat world of job interviews, promotions, and ultimately laying the foundation for their future. No matter their career path, they will have to prove more than their skills. The training is complete. Now it is time for your graduate to set himself or herself apart.

A smile does that. Not only does it just look great and help your graduate “look the part” of success, but it will boost their confidence. It’s difficult to walk into those early job interviews. Send them with a smile they are proud of.

What Invisalign Accomplishes

If your graduate has gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth, Invisalign can help correct alignment and give them a stunning natural smile. It will take about 12-18 months (though some cases can be completed in much less time than that) to accomplish, but once those teeth are in place, your graduate will be able to take advantage of that confidence for the rest of their life!

Invisalign aligners are clear and practically invisible, so your graduate can wear this treatment to job interviews without blinking an eye! Plus, they can remove their aligners to eat and care for their teeth, so you won’t have to worry about doing additional whitening or repairing enamel after the treatment is complete. Your graduate could even remove the aligners before an interview, if it helped!

Other Options to Consider

Maybe Invisalign isn’t needed for your graduate. That’s great! Consider choosing from one of our high-quality cosmetic solutions, like the following:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Veneers
  • Tooth Bonding
  • Gum Reshaping

Choose the best way to give your graduate a boost into the rest of their life: choose a beautiful smile! Give them the gift that will last a lifetime! Call 206-922-4573 today to schedule a consultation. Let your graduate talk with Dr. Koo and our team about their smile goals. We’ll help them determine the best path to their dream smile, and they’ll thank you for investing in their future!