Are you looking for a new dental home for yourself and your family in West Seattle? How about a family dentistry practice where we are as comfortable cleaning baby’s teeth as we are grandpa and grandma’s. A practice that embraces modern dental technology for better and more comfortable patient care. A practice that understands the reality of busy families and their need for convenience. A practice that has a wide range of services to meet all of your family’s dental needs. A practice where we believe in treating your family as well as we would our own.

If you want all of those things in a dental practice, you will love coming to Jahyun Koo, DDS. To schedule an appointment, call our Seattle, WA office at 206-922-4573. We want to become your partner in keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy.

Reason #1: Convenience

Don’t be fooled or talked into thinking you have to take your children to a dedicated pediatric dentist. Plenty of these specialists are certainly great at what they do. But as a general dentist, Dr. Koo is skilled at taking care of the oral health of patients of all ages. And if you’re as busy as most families these days, the last thing you need is more driving around town to separate dental offices.

Jahyun Koo, DDS, is a one-stop dental shop for West Seattle families. You can book everyone’s appointments for the same day to save time and minimize disruption to everyone’s schedules.

When you get your own checkup alongside your child, you are modeling good behavior that will stay with him or her for life.

And unlike with a pediatric dentist, your child will never outgrow our practice. This enables us to develop a deep knowledge of the patient’s mouth and potential problems, foster a strong personal relationship, and makes it easier to maintain continuous dental records.

Unlike most practices, we are open every other Saturday. And we have Korean and Vietnamese speakers on staff for patients more comfortable communicating in those languages.

Reason #2: We Are There for Your Dental Emergency

If you have an active family, you always have to be prepared for the possibility of a dental emergency. A stray ball can make contact with the mouth. A spill from a bike can result in a knocked-out tooth. You may bite down on an ice cube and crack a tooth. And sometimes the unexpected just happens: a crown falls out or you are hit with sudden and unexplained mouth pain.

A dental emergency is never a fun event — but it’s a whole less stressful if you know what to do. And one of your first steps should be to call Jahyun Koo, DDS.

Call us, and we will most likely be able to see you that very day. We even encourage you to walk right in if you don’t get a chance to call! And, for those Saturday morning soccer game emergencies, we offer some weekend hours.

Reason #3: You Are in Charge of Your Treatment

When we examine your teeth and discover an issue, we will offer our professional assessment and thoroughly explain all of your options and the pros and cons of each. But ultimately, we put you in charge of your treatment. We will never attempt to pressure, bully, scare, or coerce you into procedures. We may make recommendations, but will always have solid reasoning to back them up. When you make the decision to go ahead with a course of action, we want you to feel completely confident in your choice.

Reason #4: We Make Dental Care Affordable

At Jahyun Koo, DDS, we’ve made it our mission to provide top-notch care at affordable prices. And, for your convenience, we offer several payment options.

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Check
  • Care Credit medical financing
  • We work with several dental insurance companies
  • We offer an in-house membership program to give you quality care at a reduced price. Benefits include cleanings and exams, an emergency visit, a $100 credit, and a discount on all of our services.

Reason #5: We Offer the Family Services You Need

At Jahyun Koo, DDS, we have a wide range of services to keep you and your kids’ smiles healthy.

Of course, everyone in the family will need a cleaning and exam twice per year. We treat babies as young as six months old. (The American Dental Association recommends children visit the dentist when their first tooth appears or before their first birthday.) We will thoroughly clean your teeth and gumline of stuck-on tartar and plaque. We will check for signs of gum disease and tooth decay. We have a high-tech cavity detector that enables us to catch decay in its earliest stages. We may take X-rays make sure you don’t have an abscess, impacted teeth, bone loss, or other problems not visible to the naked eye.

Tooth sealants are especially recommended for kids, but they can be effective at any age. A sealant is a plastic coating that is usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back molars. It is a physical barrier that prevents destructive bacteria and acids from reaching the enamel. The process is painless, fast, and provides protection for several years. The CDC says kids without sealants have about three times more cavities than their peers with them.

An athletic mouthguard is a smart idea for active kids and adults. This simple device can prevent a variety of oral injuries, from a knocked-out tooth to gum damage. Because they are custom crafted from impressions of your mouth, our professionally made mouthguards are comfortable and a perfect fit.

Fluoride is essential to keeping your tooth enamel strong and able to resist decay. It is shed from your teeth constantly and must be replenished. It is found in drinking water and in toothpaste. We offer fluoride treatments and varnishes to ensure you and your kids are getting enough of this important mineral.

At Jahyun Koo, DDS, we want to be your new dental home in Seattle, WA. To schedule a family dentistry appointment, call 206-922-4573. Or submit our convenient online form and we will get back to you.