Keeping smiles healthy is only part of what we do at Jahyun Koo DDS. We also offer many ways for you to enhance your smile so it looks and feels great. Most smiles need a little help to look their best, and here are four ways we can help:

  • Straighten Crooked Teeth – If you have crooked teeth, you may hesitate to show off your smile. You won’t hesitate after straightening your teeth with Invisalign. What’s more, you won’t mind smiling during treatment either! That’s because Invisalign uses transparent aligners instead of metal hardware to move your teeth into place.
  • Cover Up Flaws – Don’t let imperfections like chips, stains, worn teeth, and cracks get you down. Let us cover them with dental veneers or a bonding treatment. Dr. Koo will help you choose the solution that will work best for you. 
  • Brighten a Dull Smile – We can provide you with an at-home teeth whitening kit that will give you much better results than you can get from drugstore products. 
  • Fill Smile Gaps – No one likes gaps in their smile. They not only affect how your smile looks but how it functions too. We’ve great options for filling those gaps, including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Choose implants if you want to prevent the bone loss that happens with other kinds of replacement teeth. 

Ready to start enhancing your smile? Call us today for an appointment in our Seattle, WA office.